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Birthdate:Jul 20
Location:United States of America

[tag by various friends, thank you all :)]

girl ~ 30-something. blue-eyed. Italian/Irish. wannabe British. single. cat owner. auntie. unwilling desert dweller. Cancer. winter lover. prefers rain to sun. open-minded Christian. 80's child. bookworm. writer. Paint Shop Pro addict. proud Trekkie. history whore. Glittabella. siggy piggy. Rion Vernon fangirl. Fandom shipper. 'Scaper. Browncoat. Harperchondriac. Rhadical. Bekaneer. gloriously geektastic.

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[art ©Ismael Rac, tag by [personal profile] rubystorm.]

[writing sister to Katesfire]

[banner made by me. photos taken by Annie, Jesse and Pam with my camera. IOW, no touchie.]

Andre Norton ~ 1912-2005.
Farewell, Grande Dame....

kitty love POWERED BY PUBLICONS.DE kitty love

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Draco&Hermione fanlisting
Books and Cleverness : The Hermione Granger Fanlisting Luna Lovegood fanlisting Narcissa Malfoy fanlisting

quotes of the moment:

"GAH! I fucking HATE IT when I bite my tongue. It's not like I don't know where it is and deal with it EVERY SECOND OF EVERY FUCKING DAY."
-- Wil Wheaton, on his Twitter, 7/17/09

Cheile: oh i have more dishes to do...i swear they breed when i'm not looking
Mrs. Picard: Yeah! I agree!
Mrs. Picard: It's like when you're finished with them, new ones show up
Mrs. Picard: Like Borg
Cheile: like Borg...omg i'm metaquoting that lmfao
Mrs. Picard: Borg dishes!
-- 1/26/09

"I mean if I threw my camera at a customer I would be fired on the spot....but [Picard] rams his basically brand new ship into another one and they rebuild it for him!"
-- [profile] irishkatesfire, 10/21/08

"We're Americans. We're not big on quitting."
-- Sen. Hillary Clinton @ the 2008 Democratic National Convention, 8/26/08

fanfic quote of the moment:
"With all due respect, Jed, if you wanted normal then you’re in the wrong job."
-- Commander Valerie Archer, "Connection Lost" (Star Trek: Discovery, season three) by Glenn

beyond the long night
[profile] dracosdreamer - writings
[personal profile] rubystorm - graphics and dollz

Ruby's currently-reading book recommendations, reviews, quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists

pixie @ homepixie in Britain

thanks, Dayna!!

[pixel by [profile] daynavon! :)]

Gabi's birthday countdown, courtesy of Lilypie

Nick's birthday ticker, courtesy of Lilypie

In an emergency situation, every second counts.
I participate in the LJ Abuse Emergency Contact Information First Post program.
Do you? The life you save may be your own.

"And I never want to lose,
what I have finally found.
There's a requiem,
a new congregation.
And it's telling me
go forward and walk--
under a brighter sky...."
~ Delerium, "Euphoria (Firefly)"

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Interests (148):

24th century, 80s music, adama/roslin, ajan, amy brown, ancient civilizations, ancient egypt, ancient history, ancient mysteries, andre norton, andromeda, anthony guerra, archaeology, astronomy, bajor, bajorans, bastet, beka valentine, black dagger brotherhood, blue eyes, boadicea, books, brian jacques, british accents, bsg, carole nelson douglas, castles, cats, celtic culture, celtic music, chad brannon, chelsea quinn yarbro, christine feehan, christmas, clannad, connor trinneer, csi miami, deep space nine, delerium, dennis quaid, draco malfoy, draco/hermione, dramione, dreams, dylan/beka, eden riegel, egyptology, ehngellions, elliot/olivia, elves, enigma, enterprise, enya, faeries, fanfic, fanfiction, figure skating, firefly, foxtrot, gaelic, general hospital, glittawitch, gordon michael woolvett, greece, gryffindor, harry potter, hedwig, hello kitty, henry viii, historical romance novels, history, history detectives, horatio caine, html, ingo rademacher, ireland, jack wagner, janeway/chakotay, jean auel, jolene blalock, julian may, jurassic park, kate mulgrew, l.j. smith, law and order: svu, lilian jackson braun, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, maurice benard, medieval history, medwyn goodall, midnight louie, mindy klasky, mp3s, my little pony, mysteries, mythology, nana visitor, ncis, new age music, odo/kira, owls, paris/torres, piers anthony, pro-life, rain, reading, rebecca st. james, redwall, renaissance, rene auberjonois, rion vernon, rizzoli and isles, robin christopher, roses, rpgs, sailor moon, saint-germain, sax, science fiction, seamus harper, she-ra, sleeping, snow, star trek, stars, stonehenge, terry farrell, titanic, tony/ziva, tori amos, trill, trip/t'pol, true love waits, unsolved mysteries, v.c. andrews, vampires, viggo mortensen, voyager, vulcans, wild cats, winter, within temptation, wolves, worf/dax, writing, yanni, zoe/wash
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